Let us suppose…
Let us suppose for a moment that
Mary did “treasure all these things.”
Where might she have put those
gifts from the Eastern visitors?
What might her scrapbook have looked like?

Better yet, imagine what it might be like
to discover Mary’s Scrapbook, let’s say somewhere
in the neighborhood of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
What We Know…
Joseph intended to end his engagement to Mary.
Suppose he wrote Mary a letter and she kept it.
A group of scribes penned, copied,
and passed reports of events.
In a literate culture,
there was much for Mary to treasure.
What We Can Surmise…
Joseph Arimathea certainly would have kept
Mary informed of her adopted son.
There would be a search for the missing body of “Yesous.”
What Has Actually Happened…
A fictional scrapbook has been written by Mark Ritchie,
produced in collaboration with Karen refugee children
in Mae La Refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border.
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“Simply riverting…I thought I was there.”

Norman L Geisler,Author,Speaker

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“One of a kind…a wonderfully rich experience.”

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